LiquidPlanner Holiday Release – something for everyone

Charles Seybold | December 14, 2009

S22 LiquidPlanner Portal
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S22 PresentIt’s been a very busy year for LiquidPlanner and we’ve enjoyed getting to know and serving so many new customers.

We really appreciate all the positive feedback, tweets, and dialog with the user community since it helps us learn how to build even better project management software.

In the spirit of appreciation, we offer our December software update (a.k.a. “Sprint 22”). It’s a virtual holiday gift basket full of new features straight from the customer wish list.

For team members: a new calendar view 

S22 LiquidPlanner Calendar

Sometimes you just need to see a month at-a-glance. Members can switch between their personal tasklists and a personal task calendar. Tasks run from expected start to expected finish and update automatically as the plan moves forward. You can also add Expected Start as a column in your plan now.

For the project manager: workload analysis

S22 LiquidPlanner Workload

Get a bird’s eye view of where your team is spending it’s time with our new Workload Analysis view. You can zoom in on specific projects and tasklists, yet still see other commitments for the project team. See availability, see crunch time, see the way forward.

For the whole team: take the holiday off

S22 LiquidPlanner Holiday

Company holidays are easier to model now that you can assign an event to “everyone”.

For the power-user: a new “go to” menu

S22 LiquidPlanner Goto

We have integrated the navigation for workspaces, portals, and shortcuts into the new go to button. Choose “directory” to see a listing of all your workspaces and portals. Save short-cuts to any of your favorite views in LiquidPlanner.

For the email die-hards: reply captures

S22 LiquidPlanner Email

We’ve enhanced our e-mail integration. You no longer need to open your browser to capture complete email conversations in LiquidPlanner.

Right-click any container in LiquidPlanner to find its unique e-mail address; use this address to create new tasks via email.

As long as you keep LP on the message thread, it will capture the comments for you. You can also use a task’s email address to attach files and comments directly to a task.

Learn more in the Help Guide.

For the collaborators: chatter collections

S22 LiquidPlanner Chatter

A new view on the Collaborate tab called Chatter lets you see a roll-up of comments for all the tasks in any selected project or tasklist. This automatic filtering is really handy in busy workspaces where you want to focus on just one project.

For serious estimators: historical data tables

S22 LiquidPlanner History

Sometimes you just need to see the data. We’ve added a data table to the Total Trend chart of individual tasks. See how well the estimation played out and who made the estimates.

For your project portal guests…

S22 LiquidPlanner Portal

Get better project communication with these new project portal features:

  • New option to show folder names on shared portal tasks
  • New option to show expected finish on portals
  • Improved task sorting on portal
  • File upload box lets you attach files to shared tasks
  • Added project snapshots section to the summary page
  • Added overdrive scheduling option for portal guests

For the workspace owner: performance and utility improvements

Say goodbye to the bottomless trash can. Deleted items left in the trash more than 30 days are removed automatically and permanently. This will improve overall performance and means you don’t have to worry about picking the right time to empty the trash or wading through ancient stuff to find last week’s deleted item.

We’ve also made some big performance improvements to scheduling and duplicate; this benefits everyone, especially those larger workspaces.

There are a few other improvements waiting for you to find them like new “advanced > convert to ” options, but we’ll let those be a surprise.

— Best Holiday Wishes, The LiquidPlanner Development Team