At LiquidPlanner, we’re always working to improve our product in order to help our customers plan and manage projects as efficiently as possible – and have fun in the process. These days, most teams need to be able to work collaboratively not just with each other, but with the apps and services that drive projects forward on a daily basis.

Recently, we’ve added some essential integrations for LiquidPlanner customers. To make sure you’re taking advantage of everything LP has to offer, here’s a list of 5 integrations that we think you’ll love.

The LiquidPlanner app for Salesforce.com

This integration bridges the gap between your company’s sales team and project teams. Once an opportunity is created in the Salesforce.com app, it appears in LiquidPlanner, where the project can be built out ASAP. From here, the sales team can see project status to stay current with progress. The result: an easier cross-collaboration process and happier customers.


Google Drive, Dropbox and Box

These popular cloud-based file sharing and document storage services let teams access documents they need anywhere, at any time and from a safe, secure environment. Now, you can upload just about any kind of file from your storage service of choice directly into a LiquidPlanner project. From here, team members can participate in collaborative editing and keep a record of all document versions, as well as see the latest set of specs and updated designs or art work.



Zapier is a web-based subscription service that lets you automate tasks that transfer data between LiquidPlanner and the other services your team uses (or wants to use). To see the apps that connect with LiquidPlanner, go to Zapier.com, and then enter LiquidPlanner in the Explore field.


Our integrations are a work in progress. Tell us what you’d like for us to add and we’ll put it on our list.

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