LiquidPlanner Introduces Multi-Owner Events Feature

Keiko Borkenhagen | May 6, 2014

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The LiquidPlanner Events feature has received a makeover! We’ve introduced you to Partial-Day Events, yesterday. But it gets better. You can also schedule an event for multiple owners.

For those of you that have been scheduling events for your workspace members, you’re probably breathing a sigh of relief. Now, you won’t have to create the same event for multiple people in your workspace.


Practical uses for Multi-Owner Events

If you’re a global company, your teams across the globe celebrate different holidays. For example, your Canadian teams take July 1off for Canada Day. But the U.S. teams take July 4 off for Independence Day. You can create one event for July 1 and assign it to all of your Canadian team members. And then a separate event can be created for July 4 and assigned to the U.S. team members.

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Here’s another way to use multi-owner events if you attend a lot of meetings. When multiple people on your team are involved in a meeting, you need the project schedule to represent who is unavailable because of this meeting. Now you can create a Partial-Day Event, and select each person that will be attending the meeting. Presto!

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Get more details on our Events features in our Learning and Support center.