LiquidPlanner Introduces Partial-Day Events

Keiko Borkenhagen | May 5, 2014

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We’re excited to announce one of our newest features that many of our customers have been asking for—Partial-Day Events. It lets you schedule meetings in LiquidPlanner along with your project work. For many of you, attending meetings is a regular activity and it’s important to represent this time in your project schedule. Partial-Day Events makes it easy for you to block certain hours in your schedule when you’re unavailable for project work.

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Setting up partial-day events

Creating a Partial-Day Event is as easy as creating a Full-Day Event. The main difference is that you can specify the start and end time for a Partial-Day Event.

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If anyone else is included as an owner of the event as well (another new feature, Multiple Owners on Events), they would see the start and end time displayed in their time zone.

More than just meetings

Keep in mind that Partial-Day Events can be used for more than just meetings. You can also use them to schedule a half day of vacation, for team training sessions, client appointments or personal appointments.

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We know you must be excited, so go on and start planning all those meetings and appointments. And don’t forget to put donuts and coffee on the meeting checklist!