LiquidPlanner Keyboard Shortcuts

Tatyana Sussex | November 6, 2013

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We don’t like keeping secrets from our customers. It’s been brought to our attention that we have a list of keyboard shortcuts that might not be common knowledge. Just to rip the mystery open – here’s a list of what you can do using the following list of shortcuts.

From the Projects grid

  • Select previous item in projects list – up arrow
  • Select next item in list – down arrow
  • Collapse selected package or folder – left arrow
  • Expand selected package or folder – right arrow
  • Create new tasks –  ctrl+enter
  • Duplicate a selected package –   ctrl+shift+d

projects grid

  • Get the a link of a selected workspace item – ctrl+shift+l (L)

get link

  • Select a consecutive list of items – shift + click
  • Select a consecutive list of items going up or down – shift+up or shift+down

From the Edit Panel

  • Close the edit panel – esc
  • Expand or collapse all Edit Panel sections – shift+click on a section header
  • Go to the next field – tab
  • Go to the previous field – shift+tab

When editing a timesheet entry

  • Tab through timesheet entry fields  – shift+tab, then key tab to move cursor
  • Save entries and changes  – enter
  • Cancel entries and changes  – escape

That’s just a sample of some of our shortcuts– here’s a list of more LiquidPlanner keyboard shortcuts.


What did we miss? Sometimes our customers discover new shortcuts. If you have one that we don’t—we dare you to share.