Using LiquidPlanner to Manage Marketing Projects

Team LiquidPlanner | June 7, 2013

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I have never called myself a project manager, but I have always prided myself in being uber organized.


In my past jobs, we marketing folks were expected to manage marketing projects from start to finish—unless it was when working at a big company. At larger companies they have PMs specific to marketing campaigns; my experience working with a project manager was that it turned into a game of telephone, and I never felt on top of my project’s status. Control freak that I am, I wanted to take the lead to make sure my campaign was on time and executed flawlessly. I also wanted to focus on the actual campaign work instead of managing the process.

Being at LiquidPlanner—and using our product—has shown me a new way of managing my team’s varied workload while also focusing on the work itself. When I think about the amount of work my team does, it’s crazy. For each marketing channel (search, email, social, ads, blog, PR) there are always a number of high priority projects or campaigns going on at one time.

Using LiquidPlanner makes it simple to restructure how you and your team work together. Yes, what I’m saying is there is an easier more effective way to work.

Here’s a look at how our Marketing team organizes our project workflow.

Setting up project folders

To start, we set up folders for all our different marketing channels. You could also set your folder up by client, too:

managing marketing projects

Setting up weekly priorities

Along with creating folders by marketing channel, we also have folders set up by week. This way, each team member can prioritize a week’s (or month’s) worth of work. The nice thing about the LP tool is that our tasks can live in a project (channel folder) as well as a package (weekly folder). How this works is, when you create an item within a channel folder you can drag and drop it to a priority weekly folder (you’ll see a breadcrumb to the right of the item showing where it lives).

So, we have two ways to organize and view our workflow: by week and by channel. This process also eliminates the need for a barrage of status emails. And I can see what work is getting accomplished each week.

Here’s a view of our weekly packages:


using liquidplanner to manage marketing projects

Here’s a view of a week’s worth of priorities—that can be reordered within that week or moved to another week’s package. (You can see each item’s breadcrumb in this view.):

how to manage marketing projects using liquidplanner

One of our brand messages is to “Help teams get more of the right work done—and have fun doing it.”

From an experienced marketer, I appreciate that LP has created an agile project management tool that helps me stay in control of my projects while collaborating with our entire team.

If you’d like to share how you set up your team’s work in LP, let us know. We like to share all the ways our customers organize their workspaces.