LiquidPlanner Project Management for Android – New Mobile App!

Liz Pearce | March 13, 2012

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Workspace HomeIf you drop on over to Google Play you’ll see a new kid on the productivity apps block. After much ado, the LiquidPlanner Android App is here and ready to download.

Internally we are jumping up and down about this latest release because it’s been such a long time coming. You’ve been asking us for months to get this in your hands, but we had to take care of a couple other things first (like launching LiquidPlanner 3.0). We were so glad to finally get a chance to work on this because we are truly committed to making LiquidPlanner work for mobile.

If you’re an Android user, you can now get the same functionality in the Android app as users of the LiquidPlanner iPhone app get. That means viewing and updating your tasks, participating in the comment stream, browsing your full project tree, viewing attached documents, creating new tasks, and more. There are still some features you can only get through the web app, but many of those we’ll likely add to both mobile platforms in the future.  Let us know what features are missing and we’ll take your vote into consideration as we prioritize features.

We’ve already gotten some very great reviews (like the one below from our friend Tim Stewart:

A companion application to my daily project planner that even on my phone is perfectly usable. Great UI thoughtful summaries and drill down options. If you already have LP its essential and you know how dedicated the team are at improving their products. If you don’t have anything in place and need an intuitive and effective Project Management system then sign up for an account and benefit from both. Stellar effort, bravo

If you feel the same way, we’d very much appreciate your review. Same goes for the iOS app in the App Store!