LiquidPlanner Q & A with Mike “Fuzzy” Partin

Tatyana Sussex | July 15, 2013

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Well we wouldn’t call him a UNIX monkey, but our very own Mike “Fuzzy” Partin does some very important work to support our developers. We asked the former college radio DJ (where he got his nickname, Fuzzy) about the mottos, music and lunches that make up his days. Read on.

Title and description of what you do:

DevOps Engineer. I play the role of UNIX monkey so that the devs can focus on kicking butt . . . or code . . . or whatever it is the kids are kicking these days.

What was it that made you know LP was the perfect fit for you?

The attitude towards learning new things, and using what works.

Do you have a ritual or routine to the start of your work day?

Ingestion of enough caffeine to stun a medium sized horse, get some fruit, catch up on news, and then start hammering the day’s plate load.

How do you beat boredom?

I try to learn something new, or go play with my daughter and new puppy!!

 Your idea of happiness at work is:

Getting to play with fun, interesting, new technologies in a group of people who share that passion.

If you could have any other job, what would it be?

Electrical engineer.

What’s your favorite lunch?


What’s your strategy for Mondays?

Don’t acknowledge their existence.

What music are you listening to these days?

Have been going through old Iggy & the Stooges and The Misfits most recently.

Your personal work motto:

“A little more work now will save you some later.”