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At LiquidPlanner, we’re all about radically simple online project management, and now we want to show you how to make using LiquidPlanner ever easier with a few of our favorite tips, tricks and shortcuts.

Custom Filters

LiquidPlanner Trick 1

The filter buttons at the top of the “Projects” section are your best friends. With their help, you can filter your projects across five different options by simply clicking on the buttons. You can filter by:

  • Owner – the owner of plan items
  • Location – projects or (if relevant) the packages that they live in
  • Package – the packages you create to establish priority-overrides for individual tasks
  • Client – the client that projects are associated with
  • Item State – states like All, Active, Done, etc.

After you click one of these five filters, a dialog box will open up to that filter object:

LiquidPlanner Trick 2

Check the boxes to choose the appropriate criteria. If you’ve got a lengthy list, use the search box to easily locate items. Now here’s the best part: If you know that you’ll use this filter set frequently, save it as a custom shared filter. Now it’s accessible and easy to use, anytime, anywhere – for you and your team.

Custom Shortcuts

The shortcut feature allows you to save a link back to any view of your plan.  For instance, you might want to create a shortcut to an important group of projects. You can create and save shortcuts in the view gallery, alongside the standard views, like Schedule, Details and Comments.

LiquidPlanner Trick 3

My Tasks

Did you know that the “My Tasks” tab can show your more than just YOUR tasks?

LiquidPlanner Trick 4

By clicking the icon highlighted in this screenshot, you can view the upcoming tasks for any individual member in your workspace. Want to see what the developers are up to? How about over in accounting? It’s all right there in one single click.

What’s your favorite LP trick? Tell us about it in the comments.