What Kind of Training Does LiquidPlanner Provide New Customers?

Allison Willbur | July 7, 2016

Customer Training
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When you and your team starts using a new software program, you can just press a magical button and everything will be all set up and good to go, right?

Customer Training

We wish! Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Implementing new software takes time, dedication and support. It’s a project unto itself, really. And a key part of a successful implementation is efficiently onboarding your team to make sure they have the knowledge and skills to thrive with the new program. The onboarding process is so important that if it’s not carried out effectively, your new shiny software could languish from lack of use. Which is a lot of time and money out the window.

If you’re considering a new project management tool, and wondering about the kind of training provided upon purchase, you’re smart to ask.

As a Customer Success Manager here at LiquidPlanner, I help our new customers roll out LiquidPlanner to their team every day. I’ve witnessed how valuable the proper training and consultations are in order to get teams up and running, and managing their projects more efficiently and effectively in LiquidPlanner. And then sticking with it. It’s not easy to learn a new tool, and we’re here to ensure that you have the training support you need to be successful through onboarding and beyond!

What we offer

Training content galore

As a new customer, we offer you a wide variety of learning, training and help articles. For example, we provide detailed articles as well as short feature videos and a Getting to Know LiquidPlanner intro in our Help Center. This self-serve content lets you and your team understand all the different functionality and features that are available, and how to use them for your needs.

Ace onboarding program

What really sets our onboarding program apart is our Quick Start onboarding program. Quick Start is a blend of four training and consultation services with our Customer Success team to help you get started with LiquidPlanner. This service is included with our Professional or Enterprise annual subscription.

The Quick Start program

The Quick Start begins with a Welcome Call, and is followed up with three private training or consulting sessions. You have a variety of options to choose from. During the Welcome Call, we work with you to determine the best path for you and your team. Here’s a brief overview of the sessions we offer:

  • Workspace Consultation: Here we work with you to make sure you’ve set up a workspace structure that aligns with your business needs and workflow. We’ve discovered that this step is key to long-term success. We’re here to help you get this right during this collaborative session.
  • Two of the following Training Sessions:
    • Essentials for Building Your Workspace – Provides the foundation power users will need to build out the workspace.
    • Team Essentials – Designed to get all user roles comfortable with LiquidPlanner functionality.
    • Advanced – Targets intermediate users. Provides a deep dive on filtering and an overview of reporting features.
    • Analytics – For administrators and managers to learn capabilities of our custom report builder in the Analytics tab.
    • Dashboards – For all user types, designed to teach users how to customize Dashboards for their needs.
Here’s a sample Quick Start package

Everyone’s different, however, we’ve found that our customers get up and running best with the following sequence of events:

  1. Welcome Call
  2. Essentials for Building Your Workspace Training
  3. Workspace Consultation
  4. Team Essentials Training (coordinated with your Go Live date!)

Whatever combination of Quick Start sessions you use, we’re there to help set you up for great success using LiquidPlanner—from the very beginning and on. Training makes the difference between struggling in a new system and thriving, not just as a team but as a business. The Customer Success team is here for you along this implementation journey. We strive to make our customers successful – it’s literally in our team name!

Curious to learn more about the methodology underlying LiquidPlanner? To see what makes us the most adaptable and realistic PM tool around, download our eBook, “An Introduction to Dynamic Project Management.”