LiquidPlanner Tuned Up – V2.6 released

Charles Seybold | September 14, 2010

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PerformanceV2.6 is a performance release – the major work being under the hood. That said, there is one change that LP’ers will discover quickly, it’s the new task grid which is designed to support large workspaces (e.g. 50,000+ tasks).

The high-scale grid is a virtualized page display, so when paging up and down you’ll see “LP loading” while we fetch additional tasks. Actions like “expand all” are much faster (e.g. 10x) and everyday operations should feel quicker too. The bigger the workspace, the greater the performance improvement will be.

Even though this update was about performance, we squeezed in a few customer feature requests and small bug fixes.

Here are a few highlights, all requested by customers…

  • We added Date Done to the timesheet export for customers who prefer to do billing when tasks are complete
  • You can now build a custom filter based on item type (task, event, or milestone)
  • You can also build a custom filter based on a task’s saved activity (e.g. 001 – coding)
  • We improved the internals of search so there are less moving parts, it’s faster, and returns better results
  • We now automatically scale the y-axis when you zoom on a trend graph

We hope you enjoy the upgrade; if you experience any troubles please contact support.

LP Dev Team.