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Have you noticed? We’ve made some updates to the Analytics tab. These changes are mainly around navigation and design, intended to optimize the way managers access information and reports. Read on for the details.

What’s new in Analytics.

  • We’ve updated the navigation and now you’ll see clear, text menu options and a new, intuitive layout.
  • The Report Library helps you quickly find all of your saved reports in a sortable list.
  • If you have a lengthy list of reports saved in the Report Library, we’ve added a Quick Filter to help you find saved reports fast.liquidplanner update
  • The Recently Viewed reports give you a list of your most recently opened reports.
  • The Consolidated Report Menu is an easy way to create a new report. Select Resource Report to create reports on people and teams. Each type of report has a pop-out menu where you can select further options. Quickly create a roll-up or baseline report from the pop-up, or create a report based on custom fields. More information can be found on how to create reports in the Help Center.analytics 3
  • Resource Report is a new grouping of your employee resources. Select Resource Report to access both the Person Report and Team Report.
  • Introduction and Help Guide links. These resource links are in the upper-left corner of the nav bar. For an Intro to Analytics video, select Introduction; for help articles on using analytics to run different reports, go to Help Guide.
  • Our customer report builder lets you filter reports by Status. Try creating a new report of all your flagged items.
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  • Consolidated Report Controls. Once you’re in a report, the options for picking the date range, filters and columns desired are all next to one another for ease of use.
  • Find Custom Field Reports under Project and Task Report pop-out menus. The appropriate custom fields appear depending on the report type.
  • The collapsible Data Customization section in the nav bar allows you to easily jump to settings. (Selection is sticky if you wish to fold this up and forget about it.)

To learn more about the full list of updates to the Analytics tab and other updates contained in our November release, read our full release notes.

Tell us what you think. Our customers have a big say in how we update and improve LiquidPlanner, so thank you!