LiquidPlanner Uptime: Now You Know!

Liz Pearce | September 26, 2011

LiquidPlanner Monitor 1
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Ever had a hard time accessing LiquidPlanner and wondered, “Is it just me?” Well, this one’s for you.

Last week, we added a real-time application status report to our Support Center. You can click on this link 24×7 to see if there have been any recent issues with the LiquidPlanner service.

LiquidPlanner Monitor 1

The report gives you an overall “health check,” as well as recent uptime and response times for the LiquidPlanner app. You can always contact support if you’re having problems, but this is a good first place to start.

PRO TIP: Save a link to the LiquidPlanner login page. That way you can log in to your workspace even if we are servicing our corporate website and support pages.

LiquidPlanner Monitor 2