LiquidPlanner’s New Daily Limit Feature

Zareen Maurer | January 27, 2014

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Multi-tasking is tricky business. Sometimes we’re forced to jump around and work on different priorities throughout the day. We’ve received a lot of requests for a way to represent this in LiquidPlanner, so we created a scheduling feature that will let you realistically model this juggling of work.

And now we’re happy to announce Daily Limits, a new feature to help you get the right work done!

The beauty of setting a Daily Limit

Daily Limits picker

Daily Limits are literally here to save the day. Instead of working on a task from start to finish, you can now specify (limit) the amount of time you spend working on it, per day, until it’s done. The schedule will show your next highest priority task scheduled for that same day.

What’s great about being able to set these limits, is that a task with a long duration won’t monopolize your availability for several consecutive days.

How the Daily Limit feature works

Let’s see it in action. We’ll say that my top priority task, “Spec Brochure”, has an estimate of 25 – 28 hours. That’s over three straight work days before I can get started on my next highest priority task, “Photography,” which is also important.

DL Before

I need to make progress on both of these tasks, so I’ll set a Daily Limit of five hours on the long “Spec Brochure” task.

Since I have eight hours of availability each day, LiquidPlanner knows that I can also make three hours of progress on the “Photography” task.

DL After

Now that I have a way of telling LiquidPlanner that I’m juggling both of these tasks, I get a schedule that more accurately models my daily workflow. Multi-taskers rejoice!

Get more details on our Daily Limit feature in our Learning and Support center.