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Over the years, many LiquidPlanner customers have had the opportunity to get to know our staff. This post is for the fans of Liz Pearce who will be delighted to learn that we just promoted her to be our new CEO, replacing yours truly. Am I leaving? Not a chance; more on that in a minute.

Liz started working with my co-founder Jason Carlson and I very early in the venture. This was that point where we “tech guys” realized we should talk with someone who knew something about marketing BEFORE launching the product. Glad we did.

Liz wrote the initial market-sizing analysis for our investment pitch. It was so good we asked for a little more help, which quickly turned into a full-time gig. It’s a classic story of hard work and commitment. Liz defined the brand (notice how she and the product have the same initials, hmmm). She built the go-to-market plan and marketing operations from scratch. She set the organization’s standards for customer support. She built the sales process from scratch. She became a Director and then a VP. She’s hired an outstanding team. Last October she became our COO and transformed our back office operations. With these credentials and six years of LP experience, I could not think of anyone better to be steering the ship.

This is great for me because we are a product-driven company and if you’ve spent time with me you know where my passion is. My wheelhouse is design, user experience, and product management. I love working with customers and engineering and want to focus more of my time on those things than the CEO role allows. Currently, we are deep into building the 4th generation of LiquidPlanner and designing the 5th generation. I think when it’s all rolled out, it’s going to blow customers’ minds; it’s just that awesome.

So hail to the new Chief and join me in ringing the bell for Liz! You can find her on Twitter at @lizprc, on LinkedIn, and on Facebook.