New LiquidPlanner 3.0 YouTube Videos

Alison Clancy | June 16, 2011

Project Collaboration Video
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If you haven’t heard, we just recently treated ourselves to a major upgrade and facelift with LiquidPlanner 3.0, the radically simple online project management software. This version includes a smorgasbord of fresh features, a new priority-based scheduling structure (see the Help Guide section, Packages), and an innovative user interface to boot. To help you get up to speed on LiquidPlanner 3.0, we have spruced up our old YouTube channel and uploaded six brand-new training videos that will help you get familiar with the perks of LiquidPlanner 3.0.

Getting Started LiquidPlanner

Welcome to LiquidPlanner- Radically Simple Online Project Management

Just started a free trial with us? This video will help you get situated by taking you on a tour of the workspace belonging to fictitious gaming company, Game FX. Whether you’re a real-life workspace owner, member, or portal guest, we’ll give you some quick tips on:

  • Navigating between portals and workspaces
  • Collaboration features (like comment streams)
  • New navigation, buttons, and more
  • How and where to get help

Scheduling Multiple Projects

Scheduling and Managing Multiple Projects in LiquidPlanner

So how can you keep your projects from being late, over-budget, or full of mistakes? Use the LiquidPlanner Approach – a fresh and realistic take on delivering project schedules that make sense. Includes:

  • Priority-driven schedules
  • Ranged estimates (to better capture uncertainty)
  • Promise dates
  • Plan structure
  • Frictionless updates

Want to know more? Tour the Scheduling features.

Collaboration Features in LiquidPlanner

Collaboration puts the fun back into project management. LiquidPlanner 3.0 takes the idea of “social project management” to the next level, and this video will tell you more about how to:

  • Communicate with your team members in the Comment Stream
  • Attach documents, images and more to individual tasks
  • Share project information with portal members

Can’t get enough fun? Check out the Collaboration features page.

These are just some of the videos available on the LiquidPlanner YouTube channel, so be sure to check out the others. If you have any other questions (while we’re on the topic of being social), you can connect with us on Twitter or Facebook, and as always, our support team is here to help.

What do you think about our YouTube channel? What videos would you like to see posted next?