New LiquidPlanner Feature: Pin to Timesheet

Charles Seybold | June 23, 2011

LiquidPlanner Pin To Timesheet
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LiquidPlanner Pin To Timesheet

LiquidPlanner got a small software update tonight. We deployed a number of bug fixes and post-LP3 fit-and-finish improvements. We even had time to sneak in a NEW FEATURE, which is the highly requested “Pin to Timesheet”. This handy feature keeps your frequently used tasks at the top of the timesheet.

Also in this release:

  • Improvements to the Filter pop-up including double-click to set a custom filter
  • Support for IE7 has been dropped (IE8 and IE9 now run in standards mode)
  • Graphing fixes including the dotted projection lines
  • Timesheet Review status filter is now “sticky”
  • Timesheet Export filter is now aware of time zones
  • Several bugs in Import were fixed