New LiquidPlanner Feature: Tags!

Tatyana Sussex | October 7, 2014

You can add tags from the Edit Panel.
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We’ve added an exciting new feature to your LiquidPlanner workspace—Tags! Use tags when you want a quick way to link related content and locate associated items in your workspace.

Tags, inspired by the way we use hashtags in social media, are a fun way to track ideas, filter content and collaborate with team members.

Some nifty things to know about LP Tags

  • To add a tag in a comment, use a hashtag (#) followed by a word or phrase without spaces, i.e., #CompanyLogo. You can also use underscores, such as #Company_Logo.
  • You can use tags to categorize items without affecting prioritization.
  • All team members can use tags.
  • You can add tags to all work items—from packages down to tasks.
  • Tags added to containers (packages, projects) are inherited by the items they hold.
  • You can run reports in Analytics to see trends across items with the same tag or set of tags.
  • You can expose tags as a column on the Projects tab.
  • Tags foster collaboration. For example, you can tag projects from various departments that are related to a company-wide initiative (#projectzebra).
  • You can tag items that fall under a particular goal (#retention, #usability) or feature set (#mobile, #reporting).
  • You can use tags to indicate task type (e.g. #bug, #featurerequest).

How to add Tags

There are three different ways to add a tag to a workspace item:

1.  From the Edit Panel—in the Project Description field:

You can add tags from the Edit Panel.


2.  In Comments:

You can also add tags in Comments.


3.  From email. Add a tag to the email subject line when creating a task via email. An email with the subject “Tagging is awesome, #Tags” will create a task called “Tagging is awesome” and automatically tag it with “#Tags”

What was that Tag again? Thank goodness for auto-complete.

Most of us might not remember the exact tags for some of our projects. No worries. For existing tags there’s a seek-as-you-type feature, which means once you start typing in a tag, all the possible tag names appear for you to choose from (see the Comments example, above).

Tags have the potential to be used in a variety of ways. We’re discovering all sorts of new ways to use Tags every day at LP. We know you will too! For more details, check out this Help article and video.

How will you Tag?