New LiquidPlanner Notifications: Email That Your Inbox Will Actually Like

Charles Seybold | December 9, 2011

LP New Email Notification
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LP New Email NotificationIt’s become a holiday tradition at LiquidPlanner to dedicate the last software update of the year to something straight off our customers’ wish lists.  So what’s our “End of the Year” gift in 2011? A complete overhaul of the LiquidPlanner email notification system.

Starting this Monday, your LiquidPlanner change notifications are going to look very different. If you’re new to LiquidPlanner’s online project management software, we’re talking about email integration features that help you and your team stay informed and engaged with the projects and tasks in your LiquidPlanner project workspace.

These notifications keep people informed about changes to their tasks, as well as tasks and projects they choose to watch, without ever having to log in to LiquidPlanner.

The Old

To be honest, the circa 2007 email design we were using didn’t even look like LiquidPlanner, especially not since we upgraded to LiquidPlanner 3.0. The design was weak and a little, what’s the word? Oh, right: boring.

With this release, we’ll be jumping forward to a new contemporary HTML design that is much more useful and easier to navigate. We’ve been using it internally for a month now and we can’t even look at the old design anymore.

The New

Here’s what you can expect after we deploy the update this Saturday:

  • One e-mail per task instead of batched updates. If you’re subscribed to real-time notifications, you’ll receive a different email for each task that changes. The name of the task will be in the subject line, which means multiple changes will get threaded in most email clients (i.e. you can group by conversation). It also means you’ll also be able to scan subject lines and quickly decide if you need to pay attention to the email, saving you valuable time.
  • “[LP]” in the title. This will make it easy to spot notifications and to build an email rule to move notifications into a folder.
  • No more “Do not reply to this mail” warning. Instead of hunting for “Reply” links in the email, you can simply hit “Reply” in your email client to add to the conversation. This is the best part of moving to per-task emails.
  • Human readable changes. The text in the change notifications has been reworked to be more human-speak and less machine-speak. It should be much easier to follow what’s going on with your projects.
  • More relevant information will be included. Recent change notifications will include more relevant information, like document thumbnails, important updates, and full text descriptions, notes, and more. This is particularly helpful when a task is transferred from one person to another and they need to get up to speed.
  • Low volume option. If you don’t want to be blasted by too many change notifications, you can subscribe to a daily digest that will summarize the day’s changes for you.
  • Upcoming Tasks. The “Upcoming Tasks” email has also be redesigned. We dropped the weekly mode in favor of a daily mail that focuses on what’s planned on your list today and tomorrow.*

I know that we’re all very sensitive to how products respect our inbox, and I hope we’ve done a good job with this particular upgrade. We definitely want to make staying connected with your work easier and quicker, and we always listen to what our customers are saying. Let us know what you think, and I hope we’ve made email a little less tedious and a little more fun.

*But Wait, There’s More!

Email notifications are definitely the star of this update, but here are a few more changes you don’t want to miss:

  • We added the @All function for commenting.  This allows you to address a comment to every person in the workspace at once.
  • We renamed the Promise Date feature to Deadline Date.  There’s no change to the way it works; we just gave it a new name to better reflect its function.