The team at LiquidPlanner has been hard at work designing, developing, and testing features for last night’s release for the past nine weeks or so. Just in time for Halloween, we’re debuting them with the hope that they’ll make managing your projects in LiquidPlanner faster, easier, and more connected to the other applications you use every day.

Everyone on the product development team is vital to LiquidPlanner’s continual evolution; here’s a list of who’s responsible for what this time around:

Multiselect Right Click

Jake has spent countless hours making our web-based UI seem even more like a desktop application. Now you can select multiple items at a time and move them around or perform various actions on them, making building and modifying your plan tons faster. Right-click now works in LiquidPlanner, too, so you can access many common actions without ever having to move your mouse. He’s also made it easier to “watch” items, enhanced the virtual user feature, and worked on performance optimizations.

Adam is the one to thank for the ability to email tasks directly into LiquidPlanner from your email client. Have an email thread with lots of background information and attachments that need to be captured in LiquidPlanner? Modify the subject line to include the task name, owner, and estimate then send it to one of your custom LP “inboxes.” All of the task information will be captured in your plan. Easy! He’s also enhanced printing capabilities on the collaborate and analyze tab, worked to improve the import process, and made it easier to embed images.

Bryan is our scheduling engine master. He’s been spending his time getting the scheduler house in order, focusing on everything from bug fixes to performance improvements.

Jason put new project templates in place and integrated outbound “update request” emails into LiquidPlanner. Need to ping a team member about an out-of-date task? You can now do so in just two clicks.

Susanna, our new test engineer, has worked her tail off making sure we get the cleanest code possible out to our users. All of us are extremely happy she’s joined the team.

We look forward to your feedback on these new features. If you find them half as useful as we do, we’ll have done our jobs.

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