At LiquidPlanner we love hearing about – and solving – our customers’ problems.  Here’s one we’ve heard a lot:

Your sales reps sell a service, and they track their opportunities in Salesforce.  They need to give the project team advance notice when a new project is headed their way.  Your project team uses LiquidPlanner to plan and deliver those services, and they need to update the sales reps as the projects progress.

The problem is obvious:  You need an efficient way for the two teams to share information while staying focused in the tools that they each know best and rely on most. The solution?  A LiquidPlanner App for Salesforce!


Now users can create a LiquidPlanner project via the opportunity record in Salesforce.  Then, key project data from LiquidPlanner will be fed back to the Salesforce opportunity record automatically as the project progresses.

To get started, your Salesforce admin needs to download and install the app here:

Installing the LiquidPlanner App for Salesforce

Creating a LiquidPlanner Project via

Once the LiquidPlanner App for is installed, you’ll notice that your opportunity record in Salesforce has a new section called LiquidPlanner Project:


(Note: Your overall Salesforce screens will look different based on your organization’s page layouts.)

When you’re ready to notify your project team, click the Create LiquidPlanner Project button and complete the basic data that will be used to create the project in LiquidPlanner:


That’s it!  A new project will be created in the LiquidPlanner Inbox, ready for the project manager to build out and schedule:


As the project proceeds in LiquidPlanner, real-time status updates will be fed back to the Opportunity record in Salesforce:


Account managers can use this status information to set realistic expectations and provide accurate updates for the customer. They might even watch this data for key signals that it’s time to offer additional services to the customer.

The LiquidPlanner Projects tab

This new Salesforce tab gets installed along with the LiquidPlanner App for Salesforce. If you don’t see it, just click the + sign on the tab bar and then click Add a Tab.

The LiquidPlanner Projects tab shows you a list of all your LiquidPlanner projects, with some real-time high level stats for each one:


For full detail on installing and using the LiquidPlanner App for Salesforce, check out our online Help Guide:

Salesforce Integration

We’re excited to offer our first app for customers who share the love for both Salesforce and LiquidPlanner. Please let us know what you think and what you’d like to see next!

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