Non-Reasons Why We’re in the Running for Best Workplace in Washington

Alison Clancy | August 7, 2012

Not Our Jet
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Not Our JetNon-reason; noun. The opposite of a basis, cause, belief or fact. Anything but a reason.

On Thursday, our team will be at Safeco Field, running around the bases in celebration of our nomination as one of Washington’s Best Workplaces at the annual awards ceremony. All of our employees were given a survey about the kind of work environment LiquidPlanner provides, and after bribing them to lie (we kid!), our nomination was announced shortly after. We are honored to be included in such a wonderful group of Northwest companies, whether or not we come out on top (who doesn’t like to win, though?).

Not Our PartyIf we don’t end up taking one of the top spots, here are some things that might have worked against us:

  1. We don’t have an espresso machine in the lobby. (Heck, we don’t really even have a lobby).  Nor do we have a hot cocoa dispenser, a cotton candy maker, or our own Starbucks.
  2. We don’t have a dedicated gym on site. Instead, you can find our marketing team doing odd dance moves to dubstep right at their desks. Our senior management has also been known to do cartwheels down the hallway. That counts as exercise, right?
  3. We don’t have covered parking (or recently, enough parking spots for everyone at the company). We try to carpool or WFH (work-from-home) as much as possible.
  4. We don’t host big fancy gatherings. We do get our party on at the holidays, but other than that, we like a good old potluck lunch or a couple of six-packs to celebrate our wins.
  5. No pool table, foosball table, or Xbox to be found.  Our conference room is nicknamed “The Thunderdome”…that sounds kind of like a stadium, right?

Not Our CoffeeIf we were in the running for slickest place to work, we’d definitely lose. And that’s okay by us. The things that we value as a team in the workplace come down to the Three S’s: Stability, Support, and Super-awesomeness. We have a great team. We work hard and play hard. And we’re here for our customers and for each other. At the end of the day, I would pick that kind of office over one with a Yoga Room any day of the week.

If you see us at the event on Thursday, please say hello.  We’d love to meet you!