October Release: New Features for Blissed-Out Planning

Liz Pearce | October 31, 2011

Max Effort S31Hotfix
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We’re very excited about the new features you’ll find in LiquidPlanner as of last Friday’s update. Just treats, no tricks – we promise! They’re designed to let you add more of your own data to your online project plans, and use it for all kinds of things. Allow us to take you on a brief tour…

Custom Fields

Now you can add up to five custom project fields to your workspace. Each field has a list of values that you define in the “Data Customization” section under “Settings.” For example, you might want to give each project a “Stage” with options like RFP, Pending Approval, and Planning. You’ve got five custom task fields to use as well – they work the same way.

Custom Project Fields

Once you’ve set up your custom fields, you can view them, filter by them, and see them in your export files.

Details Page Refresh

And where can you view these fields, you ask? Along with the schedule grid and the edit pane, you can see them in our newly redesigned Details Page. The Details Page is already the collaboration hub for comments, descriptions, and attached documents. Now it’s also a place to view and set item details, like custom field selections, task assignments, and logged progress.

Details Page


Moving right along, the next new feature on our list is Teams. Now you can assign each member of your workspace to a different team. Once you’ve assigned each member to a team (via the Member List), you can filter by team, send a message to a team (@Design, for example), and view team associations on the schedule view and in your export files.

Assign Member To Team

Project & Task Budgeted Hours

Here’s one for the project budget managers! With our new max effort field, you can input the budgeted number of hours you have to spend on a task or project (via the edit pane).

Max Effort S31Hotfix

LiquidPlanner then sums up the number of hours logged and the expected number of hours remaining on the item, and alerts you if you’re at risk of going over. Even if you don’t want to put in max effort for your project or task, you can expose the “Expected Total” column in your schedule to see the new calculation.

There are a few other new treats you may stumble across in LiquidPlanner this week. If you spot them, list them in the comments and we might send you a treat of your very own!

Please enjoy, and send your comments and questions to support.