Our 5 Favorite LiquidPlanner Search Improvements

Tatyana Sussex | October 23, 2013

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Our dev man Mark Holton pulled out all the stops when he upgraded the LiquidPlanner Search feature. He gave us an advanced Search that has speed, power, breadth and a highly organized list of results.

search results

Before this upgrade you could only search for items by name. Now, you can enter any phrase or word you’d like and get a list of results from all corners of your workspace – Projects, Comments, Checklists, attached documents, and more. This improved Search lets you approach your workspace as a library of resources where you can access any information, project item or details from a past conversation you need.
Here are five reasons we think you’ll love using our awesome Search:

1. It’s faster. There’s not much waiting around for the list of results – the returns are fast.

2. More comprehensive. When you enter your search phrase, Search goes looking in more areas of the Edit Panel than ever before, including Name, Description, Reference, Comments, Notes, Checklists, document titles and file names.

3. Well-organize results. Your search results are listed in their order of workspace priority. So, say you search for a project spec from a brand new IT client, and your returns give you the max of 100 items. You can probably rule out a good portion of those results, or perform another more refined search – see no. 4, below.

4. More customizable search options. You can now whittle down your search fields to weed out the extras. Search options include filtering by Title & Description, Comments, Checklists, as well as Done, Deleted, and/or On Hold.

improved search

5. Better looking results. The search results re-design makes it easier to scroll through your list and find exactly what you were looking for. Also, your search terms are highlighted, and nifty icons help identify where each item lives in the workspace. Fun, eh? Get more details and read about our upgraded snazzy Search in this Learning & Support article.