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Why Awesome Project Scope Management is Essential to Kickoff Every Project

We all know how it goes. A new client is on-boarded with the project manager, and discussions start around the completion and delivery of said project. Unfortunately, a lot of the key players that’ll do the work are possibly absent, and a small, select group holds a short and inefficient project scope management meeting to

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Project Management Battle of the Sexes

This past summer, the New York Times ran the article, “No Doubts: Women are Better Managers.” It was an interview with Carol Smith, SVP and Chief Brand Officer for the Elle Group, the media company. She explained what she does to be a great manager and why women will always be better managers. This caused...

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Getting organized to get ahead

This week I spoke with Craig Gilbert of Weather Source about small business growing pains and the importance of getting and staying organized. For starters, can you give me a little background on Weather Source? Weather Source specializes in providing historical weather information through our online store, the Weather Warehouse and through consulting. Weather Source was founded in 2004...

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Project Management in the Wild: Never Underestimate a Good Estimate

This week I spoke with Jeff Masumoto of DataHouse about the realities of keeping his remote team of 12 on track. What kind of team are you working with at DataHouse? I manage a team of 12 that includes developers, testers, analysts, and documentation specialists. DataHouse is based in Hawaii, so I have folks there, as well...

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Top 2 Tips for a Better Company Culture

Last night I went to a “symposium on culture” (the business kind). It was a “good room”; two dozen CEOs of Seattle startups – lots of talent, lots of experience, and lots of good wine. The stage was set for wisdom to flow. We enjoyed a handful of very good presentations and war stories about...

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Do Small Teams Need Systems?

Today’s post is the first in a new series we’re calling Project Management in the Wild. We’re reaching out to the LiquidPlanner customer community to hear, and share, their real-life project management stories. Got a story that might help other teams think outside the box? Send it to info @ This week I spoke with Bill Lange,...

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Virtual Offices – yes or no?

One of the very best parts of working at LiquidPlanner is having the kind of product where you often get to know your customers on a more personal level. When I worked at Expedia, this was never the case; it was just a transaction for the most part. Yesterday a really cool customer asked me...

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Sandlot Games Tackles Project Management Challenges

Sandlot Games is the world’s premier developer and publisher of casual and family-friendly games. We asked Sandlot artists, designers, developers, engineers, and producers about their project management challenges, their decision to sign on with LiquidPlanner, and what it’s been like ever since. At a Glance Company: Sandlot Games Business: Developer and publisher of casual computer games...

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Taking a Twitter Approach to Project Management

It’s hard to open a newspaper or surf the Web these days without reading about the impact that micro-blogging services like Twitter are having on society at large. As a one-to-many mass communications tool, Twitter is truly a game changer. However, companies are still looking to identify practical applications for micro-blogging within their organization. Web apps...

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Don’t Play Poker with Your Project Plan

We all know the challenge of estimation. For agile teams this is especially true as it’s all about small teams building high quality software according to aggressive milestones. Accurate estimating is a critical building block to achieving agile objectives (in fact, LiquidPlanner counts many agile teams as customers). was popularized by Mike Cohn in 2002 as a...

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Multi-Frakin’ Tasking – better project management, so say we all

In my business I cannot go a day without, having a conversation about multi-tasking. It’s as if every wave of new recruits entering the business world rediscovers that it’s hard to manage ten things at once. So naturally, being type-As, they vow to get good at it. And we all do get good at it...

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Distributed Teams and Conversational Fragmentation

Several months ago I was thinking about what it was going to take to better integrate email into the LiquidPlanner feature set. Coincident with this pondering I became vexed by Let me explain… I am an avid Twitter user. I love my Twitter friends and it keeps me feeling connected to them even when...

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Go Barney, Go!

Today we are congratulating LiquidPlanner’s adviser and board member Barney Harford as he is officially announced as the new CEO of (press release.) Barney has been a great member of our team and his connection with the LiquidPlanner product dates all the way back to when he and I (as well as LiquidPlanner’s Bruce Henry) were building the...

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