Positive Spin

Charles Seybold | October 19, 2008

Spin Art LiquidPlanner
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Spin ArtI admit it, I love my iPhone. It really has transformed my life, at least in the sense that there is always something to fill any unallocated moment.

I pet my iPhone in the Starbucks line and it purrs back with a flyby of my inbox. I unlock and re-lock at stop signs just to hear it click. And then there are the apps; I have a little 99 cent habit. I can’t help it because I love well designed toys as much as well designed tools.

I’ve found an application that is worthy of a little praise for its incredible simplicity and yet amazing ability to deliver fun; it’s called SpinArt.

If you have kids, like random art, or want to make market predictions, then this is a must have. Just flick the tile to start it spinning and poke it to start the paint flowing. My favorite trick is to saturate it with color and then start using white for a little crisp style.

Here’s my “best of” gallery show; should I quit my day job?

Spin Art LiquidPlanner