Project Management 2.0 @ Office 2.0 in SFO

Bruce Henry | August 29, 2008

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I’m going to be on the Project Management 2.0 panel at the Office 2.0 Conference next week in San Francisco. I’m totally looking forward to discussing what the next generation of project management practices looks like. The panel will be moderated by Bay Area blogger Zoli Erdos.  It looks like it will be an interesting panel with some great panelists with whom I’m honored to be sharing the mic.

I think that the new tools that are coming on the scene are radically changing the way that project teams interact. Project management started out as a top down, planning and oversight activity designed to coordinate teams on large projects and monitor the status of said projects. The old paradigm of a project manager using stand alone software to do these functions is falling by the wayside.

More recently people have begun to realize that this centralized function was not just a bottleneck for reporting, it was severely limiting the success of the teams and their projects. Distributing many of the project management functions and allowing the entire project team to collaborate and communicate effeciently is what the next generation of project management tools is all about. This improves project execution and make teams more accountable for hitting their targets and deadlines. Zoli does a great job of summing the key question of “What is the Promise of Project Management 2.0?” in his blog post about the project management 2.0 panel.

Anyhow, I’m looking forward to meeting Zoli and my fellow panelists. Hopefully we’ll get some time ahead of the panel to interact and give the audience something to think about.