LiquidPlanner success sotry

If you’re a LiquidPlanner customer, and you’ve got a story about how using our project management software has improved, enlightened, streamlined, benefited—you name it—your life at work, we’d love to hear from you.

A place to tell your story

The Share Your Success Story is a short and breezy form on our website (look for the Customers tab) where you can tell us about your experience using LiquidPlanner. We’d like to know some basics, like: why you chose our planning software; how it has helped your organization; the most important benefits; how it’s affected your team, and a couple of other nuggets.

What we do with your story

Most importantly, we want to share your story with the LiquidPlanner community. We might use your account in an email, a blog post, as a case study or a newsletter. We had one enthusiastic LiquidPlanner user, Amanda Oberg from Click Rain write us a super insightful blog post entitled, 5 Lessons From My First Year Using LiquidPlanner. This inspired us to find a way to make it easy for our customers to drop us a line—and Share Your Success Story was born (thanks Amanda!). We want to give businesses the opportunity to learn from our customers’ successes ad experiences.

When we use your story, we’ll let you know the what, when and where before taking your words live. Plus, you’ll receive a surprise gift from us in the mail.

If you have something to say about LiquidPlanner, don’t hold back! Tell us—and other organizations like yours—how using LiquidPlanner has helped your business grow and succeed. We’ll be sure to spread the word.

Ready? You can share your success story here.


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