Sneak Peak: Professional Timesheets for LiquidPlanner

Charles Seybold | December 15, 2008

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The development team at LiquidPlanner is approaching our “feature complete” milestone for our new time tracking capability. We are super excited about what this feature set offers professional service organizations who need to generate invoices as well as those teams that like to analyze and account for their time.

Our approach to timesheets recognizes that most professional time-tracking data moves from the front-line tool to back office systems so we’ll ship with the ability to export time-tracking data to QuickBooks, CSV, and XML formats.

Timesheet Export

Where we have spent most of our time is making sure this feature is fully integrated into the LiquidPlanner project management experience and not just some kind of bolted on old school timecard. In general, who really likes timecards? I mean let’s be honest – nobody – unless that’s how you happen to get paid. If you do have to account for your time, then we think it should to be as frictionless as humanly possible. To that end, we’ve spend a ton of time re-designing parts of LiquidPlanner to make easy timesheets a reality.


The personal timesheet is probably the fastest editing page in LiquidPlanner. It’s built with fast client side JavaScript and has asynchronous updates. It very smart about what tasks show up on it and it is integrated with a second generation of LiquidPlanner’s auto-track feature. It’s so slick that maybe even managers and executives will start tracking their time.

This is scheduled to launch early next year.