Spotlight On: The Watch Feature

Alison Clancy | February 22, 2012

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I believe it was a young singer named Rockwell who once said: “I always feel like somebody’s watching me.” Do you ever get that same paranoid feeling when you’re in LiquidPlanner?

Turns out, you may be right: somebody might indeed be keeping an eye on your project plan. And by that, I mean that they’re using the LiquidPlanner “Watch” feature, which allows users in your workspace to be notified when certain tasks or entire projects are updated or changed. See? Less creepy, more collaborative (though Rockwell might disagree).

Who and What Can You Watch?

Any kind of container in LiquidPlanner can be watched. If you decide to watch a package, you will be notified about every individual task involved in that package. If you choose to watch just one singular task, you will only be notified about that one task.

Watch Screenshot

Watch This Way

Put down the binoculars; you won’t be needing them. You can watch projects or tasks in LiquidPlanner by choosing one of two ways:

  1. Select the desired item on the Projects page, and click Collaborate->Watch for Changes. If you’d like to stop watching an item, you can repeat this process and select Stop Watching. You should now stop receiving all email notifications.
  2. Expose the Watch column by utilizing the Custom Columns feature. Go to the Projects page and right-click below the filters toolbar. Select Customize Columns. A list of possible selections will pop up. Check off the “Watched” box and click Save, and you should now see a new Watched column on your Projects page. If you’d like to keep an eye on a certain task, all you have to do is click on the star so that it changes from white to yellow. It’s kind of fun to add a little color to your project plan!

Get Notified

Once you watch an item, you will receive notifications via email of any recent changes made. Make sure you’re properly set up for this by reviewing your personal email integration settings.

Breathe easy, project managers. With LiquidPlanner, the only time you have to worry about being watched at work is when you’re playing Angry Birds instead of preparing that presentation for the next board meeting. Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact support at