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LiquidPlanner S12

We are a week behind our original target release date but we are pretty happy with the sprint. Assuming nothing comes up with our final testing, the new code will be available by this time next week.

Of course we use LP for managing everything. Above, you see our workspace showing the total work for the release (features, bugs, operations, and loose ends).

Let’s see what we can learn from the work trending:

Sprint Detail 1

Some of the obvious stuff is that we pre-loaded the sprint for over a month before starting work. Remember these graphs show total work in the project containers. That takes us to the first peak at which point we were overloaded and red flagged. We had the planning meeting, cut scope and then started working on the sprint (green part).

For this next part, it helps to understand theĀ Cone of Uncertainty. If you don’t know about this, I recommend you take a minute to follow the link to the Construx site. Here is the short verion: its a way to think about what should happen to uncertainty as you work your way through a development process:

Cone of Uncertainty

Laying the Cone of Uncertainty on our actual results is interesting. Anything stand out? Perhaps that big surge of scope creep in the middle?

Sprint Detail 2

It’s exactly what it looks like. We added work when we were not supposed to, we under-estimated a couple of things, and we didn’t plan enough time upfront for working on bugs found during the sprint. Heck we rode the whole sprint with those red flame icons staring at us in the face. We had to make a few cuts and work a few weekends, but at least we had full optics and a lot of fun the whole way.

Anyway, you’ll have the new code soon.