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How Project Managers Succeed in a Changing Marketing Industry

Marketing is changing. Well, really it’s already changed. Where once marketing managers had to scrounge data from monthly reports, project leads are now inundated with data from numerous sources inside the same department. Three online marketing project challenges First, consider the challenge of correctly structuring a website’s architecture so that Google can appropriately index your...

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LiquidPlanner Tip: Use Quick Filters to Find Workspace Items PRESTO!

Tip: If you want to drill down into your workspace and quickly locate specific plan items, use the Quick Filter feature. It looks like a search bar but functions like a filter. You can use the Quick Filter from the Projects or My Work tab to locate items you want to find ASAP but are...

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Q&A With Megan Kiest-McFarland, LiquidPlanner’s New Senior Software Engineer

We’re thrilled to have such an insightful and personable new senior software engineer join LiquidPlanner! Read on to learn more about how Megan Kiest-McFarland starts her day, what she values in her co-workers and the scientific bent she brings to her culinary endeavors. Briefly describe an average work day at LiquidPlanner: When I come in,...

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8 Ways to Become a Big Data Project Manager (No Data Science Required)

If you’re a project management professional with aspirations to manage big data projects, you already have a good foundation. You can make an immediate impact without having to go back to school for a Ph.D. in Data Science or Statistics. Your current project management and soft skills are ideal for establishing the framework for a new...

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