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The Best Career Books of 2014 From the LiquidPlanner Team

We’re big readers here at LiquidPlanner. So from time to time, we like to share the books that are making a difference to the way we think, work and manage our daily projects. Here’s a list of some of the best career books we’ve read this year. What books have made a difference in your...

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What Books Have Influenced Your Career? A Labor Day Literary Special

In the spirit of Labor Day, we’re taking a bow to all of our careers and the good, hard work we do to make a difference. None of us got here alone; there were mentors, teachers, parents, friends, bosses, colleagues—and a few key reads. Here’s a list of 21 books that made an impact on...

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LiquidPlanner’s Favorite Books From 2013

  “Always be learning” is one of our core values at LiquidPlanner. So a lot of reading (and talking about that reading) happens in our offices. Here’s a list of our favorite books of 2013 – books that made a difference and got us seeing the world a little differently. The Lean Startup, Eris Ries...

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