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Using Technology to Engage Millennials at Work

Millennials, also known as digital natives (and Generation Y), were born between the early 1980s and early 2000s. Millennials grew up with instant access to information, making them the first truly hyper-connected generation. In fact, technology is so ingrained in their lifestyle that the US Chamber of Commerce found that they are 2.5 times more...

8 Benefits of Having Your Project Management Tool in the Cloud

  Cloud-based services are no longer a new concept. An increasing number of organizations are storing their applications and data in a cloud-based system and it’s fast becoming business as usual. In case you have any reservations about cloud computing, here are 8 benefits of having your project management software in the cloud. Easy access....

How Switching to Cloud-Based Software Can Benefit Your Business

Most of us interact with a cloud-based service at some point during the day—whether it’s buying a song on iTunes or sending photos to a friend via Google Docs. If you’re using the cloud in your personal life, why not in your small business? It’s not just a techie thing—small businesses just like yours are...


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