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LiquidPlanner’s New Wait Time Feature Is Here! Set Delays on Dependencies

Here by popular customer request: the new Wait Time feature, a way to set delays on dependencies between tasks and other plan items.   About Wait Time Let’s say you have a project with a lot of hand-offs and wait times between dependencies—you want that time reflected in your scheduling software. Wait Time was created...

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Multiple Owners on Tasks Is Here! LiquidPlanner’s Most Requested New Feature

A lot of our customers are going to be happy to hear that our Multiple Owners for tasks is now live! This has been one of our most-requested new features and for good reason. What is Multiple Owners? Simply put, Multiple Owners on tasks lets you add more than one owner to a task. This...

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LiquidPlanner Timesheet Updates: New Ways to Track and Organize Your Tasks

You’ve probably noticed that your LiquidPlanner Timesheet has a new look. Here’s what’s going on: We’ve streamlined the design to help you organize and filter your timesheet according to your needs. Instead of seeing a long list of task items on your timesheet, this updated functionality lets you choose what and how you see work...

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LiquidPlanner Tip: Use Favorites as a Shortcut

Tip: Go to your most frequently-used project plan items ASAP by using Favorites. It’s the star icon at the top of your Project tab. Favorites takes you to the exact spot within your project schedule (package, folder or a combination of filters)—no more clicking through workspace items to get there. It’s easy: From your selected...

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LiquidPlanner Favorite Feature: My Work

There are a lot of reasons to love LiquidPlanner. Yet we all have our favorites—features we hold near and dear to our project managing hearts. Here, our Support Specialist Zareen Charna shares her favorite LiquidPlanner feature: Project managers and anyone managing tasks use their My Work tab to see their task items in priority order,...

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Introducing Card View: A New Way to Visualize Your Work

When there are hundreds of moving parts across your project portfolio, it’s hard to get the big picture while also keeping an eye on the details. For visual thinkers who might resort to cluttering office walls with sticky notes, or filling up white boards with workflows, we created Card View as a more three-dimensional way...

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3 Strategies for Dropping Dead Rats: How to Take Away Product Features

I stumbled into a conversation between two developers about getting rid of existing product features, and how to justify their removal to the user base. One of them asked me, “You’re a product manager, how do you take away a feature?” This is a core product management problem.   Decrementing a feature your customers still use can...

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LiquidPlanner Favorites: What Features Make Your Team Successful?

  This month we celebrate teams who are realizing their visions using LiquidPlanner. With so many helpful features, everyone’s bound to have a favorite. So let’s hear it – which LP feature makes your organization more successful? Leave us a comment below and the team with our favorite answer will receive lunch on us to...

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Top 3 Features for Managers From LiquidPlanner’s Update

We created LiquidPlanner to be a powerful scheduler and collaborative project management tool where everyone has a say and a play in the life of a project. But we’re realists, too. There are times when managers need some special features for their jobs’ responsibilities. Here are 3 LP features (2 new, 1 upgrade) designed to...

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