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Why Integrations Matter to Your Business

  It takes a village of apps and services to run a business these days. Teams are constantly seeking the best ways to connect with services that expedite data exchange; they want to receive information in a format that suits their needs, and connect to services that keep them competitive and moving forward. Without integrations,...

3 Great Reasons to Use Google Drive with LiquidPlanner

If you’re a LiquidPlanner customer, you’ve already experienced the productivity benefits from collaborating on projects in a single environment. Now that LP integrates with Google Drive, the ability to create shared documents, and collaborate on iterative work becomes even easier. Just so you don’t miss out, here are 3 cool features that Google Drive provides...

LiquidPlanner’s NEW File Sharing Options

We’ve been making some updates to LP recently – specifically how you share files with your team and some back-end updates to keep LP up to date. In our most recent release, we added Google Drive™ and Dropbox integration so you can share and update your files all from the cloud. Don’t worry – Box is...


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