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Q&A With Erin Hannum, LiquidPlanner’s Customer Success Manager

If you’re a LiquidPlanner customer, and you want to rock the way you plan projects in your workspace, you might be lucky enough to work with Erin Hannum. A fan of getting things done, Erin has a positive attitude and is a great addition to the team! Read on to learn what makes Erin happy...

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Q&A With Amanda Pike, LiquidPlanner’s Online Marketing Manager

When Amanda Pike joined the Marketing team, we didn’t skip a beat. Energetic, sharp and ready to dive into some of the cultural topics we like to bat around from time to time, Amanda is taking our email campaigns to the next level. (She might not tell you, but we’re excited about her training for...

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Q&A With Matt Perkins, LiquidPlanner’s Account Executive

“Do you ever have a bad day?” someone recently asked our energetic and highly positive Matt Perkins. To work with him, or anywhere in the vicinity of Matt and his Sales team, it’s easy to believe the answer is No. Obviously, we’re thrilled to call him a teammate and co-worker because he’s energetic, creative, smart...

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Q&A With Allison Wilbur, LiquidPlanner’s Customer Support Specialist

Lucky for us, Allison Wilbur made the move from Portland last September and found her way to the Customer Success team at LiquidPlanner. Read on to get a peek into her day, see how she stays focused, and if the snacks were the real reason Allison took this job. Your job title: Customer Support Specialist...

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Q&A With Lilly Kashfia, LiquidPlanner’s Office Manager

We are overjoyed to have Lilly’s smart organization skills to keep the LiquidPlanner office running and purring like a ferocious kitten. ROAR. Read on to learn how an undergrad visit to our offices planted the seed for Lilly’s return and eventual employment. LP: Briefly describe an average work day for you at LiquidPlanner: Lilly: Each...

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Q&A With Greg Bennett, LiquidPlanner’s Product Marketing Manager

We love having Greg on the marketing team. He gives us important insight into new LiquidPlanner features as they come down the pike; he has a dry sense of humor, he used to be a lawyer (so we ask him a related question or two) and he’s always game to go grab a cup of...

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Q&A With Tom Murphy, LiquidPlanner’s VP of Customer Success

If you’re lucky enough to sit down at team lunch with Tom Murphy, you’re always in for a good story. Tom, our VP of Customer Success, leads a team that focuses on making LiquidPlanner customers the happiest project management software-using professionals on the planet. Read on to learn how Tom stays productive, a few of...

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Q&A With Brooke Williamson, LiquidPlanner’s New Product Advisor

The sales team is enormously happy to welcome Brooke Williamson to the group. She’s a go-getter, whip-smart and brings an energetic collaborative approach to our organization. Read on to learn more about Brooke’s favorite books, how she stays focused and what makes her happy at work. LP: Briefly describe an average work day for you...

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Q&A With Shanna Mikaelian, LiquidPlanner’s New Sales Operations Manager

Shanna Mikaelian lights up our Sales team as Sales Operations Manager, and we’re so excited she’s here! Shanna brings extensive experience in Sales and Business Operations, and her smarts and enthusiasm is a great match for our teams here. Read on to see how Shanna spends her work days, how she stays focus, a favorite...

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Q&A With Dana Silverman, LiquidPlanner’s Online Marketing Manager

LiquidPlanner’s new online marketing manager, Dana Silverman is a fan of “work smarter, not harder.” We like it! And, we’re thrilled to have his savvy know-how on our team. Read on to learn more about Dana’s productivity tips, a favorite book, and a what he does away from the office. Briefly describe an average work...

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Q&A With Megan Kiest-McFarland, LiquidPlanner’s New Senior Software Engineer

We’re thrilled to have such an insightful and personable new senior software engineer join LiquidPlanner! Read on to learn more about how Megan Kiest-McFarland starts her day, what she values in her co-workers and the scientific bent she brings to her culinary endeavors.   Briefly describe an average work day at LiquidPlanner: When I come...

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Q&A With Will Cramer, LiquidPlanner’s New Customer Support Specialist

When he’s not writing for music websites and creating made-up companies with friends, Will Cramer is working as LiquidPlanner’s newest Customer Support Specialist. Read on to see how this lively addition to our organization spends his day, stays focused, and what he has to say about charting a career and prepping for a job interview....

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