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4 Common IT Project Management Challenges and 4 Solutions

IT projects are notoriously difficult to manage, and failure is an all-too-common outcome. The right IT project management software can help manage the risk, but the odds of failure remain daunting. A 2012 study by McKinsey & Co. and the University of Oxford tells a cautionary tale of large IT projects that are severely troubled:...

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Say What? Project Management Speak, Decoded

Communication is one of the key reasons projects succeed or fail. And when team members or customers use a lot of business jargon, misunderstandings can escalate (especially if someone doesn’t stop to ask, “What do you mean, exactly?”). Here are some of my favorite “PM speak” phrases, what they really mean, and how to take...

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LiquidPlanner Tip: Duplicate Plan Items

Tip: Duplicate plan items within your project plan. This is a great way to get a fast start on a new project that includes the same tasks and fields. You can duplicate everything in your LiquidPlanner workspace from entire projects to task items. It’s easy. Simply right-click your item of choice, then select Duplicate. Next, you get...

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