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6 Tips for the Accidental Project Manager

Like many others, you probably didn’t plan to get into project management, but fell into it, so to speak. You weren’t originally employed to do (or manage) project work, but with time you were asked to look after a couple of projects in addition to your regular responsibilities. You haven’t received much training—if any—and your...

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9 Ways to Get Your Week off to a Productive Start

The beginning of a new week can feel overwhelming. Even though you’re picking up your project schedule where you left off two days earlier, Monday can feel like starting from scratch again (or at least be a memory exercise). Here are nine tips to get you off to a productive start of the week. Happy...

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8 Ways to Become a Big Data Project Manager (No Data Science Required)

If you’re a project management professional with aspirations to manage big data projects, you already have a good foundation. You can make an immediate impact without having to go back to school for a Ph.D. in Data Science or Statistics. Your current project management and soft skills are ideal for establishing the framework for a new...

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9 Things to Do Right Now to Motivate Your Team

  Motivation undulates, just as the best project plans do. There are peaks and valleys and wonderful times when everything hums at a nice steady space. But as realists, we know the bump in the road always comes: Individuals get distracted, burnt out or morale dips. Here are some savvy yet simple tips and teamwork...

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The Top 3 Questions Project Managers Should Be Asking All the Time

Asking questions is an essential component of successful project management and leadership. Voltaire said we should judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers. Albert Einstein was obsessed with questions, or more precisely, with getting to the right question. Another smart mind, Peter Drucker, stated that the most serious mistakes aren’t a...

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How to Maintain and Tune Up Your Project Management Workspace

I was recently on a call with a customer who said, “Since starting with LiquidPlanner, we’ve changed our workspace configuration three times. I guess I just didn’t do it right the first and second time.” This stuck with me, as many customers have made similar comments about feeling like they were a failure for not...

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8 Tips to Successfully Adopt an Online Project Management Tool

So, you’ve made the decision: An online project management tool is the way forward. You’ve done the research, tested the products, making your selection, and got the thumbs-up from your sponsors.  Now all you need to do is send the login details to your tech-savvy, collaboration-hungry team and then sit back and watch the magic...

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6 Tips to Become a More Collaborative Project Manager

Do you want to be an effective team leader? According to the Project Management Institute’s Pulse Report, more than 80% of high performing organizations report that leadership skills are the most important acquired skills for project management professionals. Researchers at PMI reported that project management elements such as cost, schedule and performance are necessary but...

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7 Tips to Get Monday Off to a Great Start

What is it about Mondays? We take it as a given, that at some point on Sunday a sense of gloom and anxiety will settle in as we think about the week ahead. Even if we like our jobs and the people we work with. Crazy, isn’t it? Research conducted on the subject of the...

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9 Steps to Plan and Manage a Schedule With Confidence

Are you confident in your project plan?   Does your plan realistically forecast future dates or are you using “pick-a-date” task management? Is the plan up to date? Are you even following a plan? Project managers answer these questions with varying degrees of certainty. Some project schedules are built once and then left untouched on...

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Info-Tech Names LiquidPlanner As the Mid-Market PPM “Innovator”

  We’re thrilled to be featured in “Vendor Landscape: Mid-Market Project Portfolio Management (PPM).” The report, aimed at mid-market organizations looking for a project management solution, offers an overview of eight online vendors who provide collaborative project portfolio management and have a strong market and/or reputational presence among enterprises. Winning as innovators Within the vendor...

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LiquidPlanner Case Study: How Knowmad Predicts the Future Using LP

Diona Kidd knows what it’s like to wear a lot of hats. As one of the founders of Knowmad, an Inbound Marketing agency, Diona does a bit of everything – from marketing and sales to client management. But above all, she spends most of her time thinking about how Knowmad can exceed client expectations without...

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