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A New Year’s Playlist From LiquidPlanner

  Whether you whoop it up party-animal style, have a civilized dinner with friends or bah-humbug the entire evening, New Year’s makes an impact on all of us at some level. We rounded up a playlist of New Years-y songs for you to take with, wherever you go, whatever you do. Have fun celebrating, dreaming...

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Halloween Party Playlist From LiquidPlanner

  There’s a lot that goes into planning this ghoulishly fun holiday: what costume to wear, what candy to buy, which parties to go to … So to help make your party planning a little bit easier, we’ve compiled some of our favorite spooky songs for you to enjoy. Happy Halloween!...

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Songs About Change

  As the seasons change, so do projects and tasks. At LiquidPlanner, we embrace change. So much so that we built an entire project management tool that factors in uncertainty. Whether you’re wrapping up a project or you’re taking on a new client, change is inevitable. So how do you deal with these changes? We...

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