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Portfolio Careers: The Future of Work

There’s a subtle shift happening in the workplace. Actually, it’s not that subtle. I see it in my colleagues and my coaching clients. It has even happened to me. What am I talking about? Portfolio careers. It’s the future of work. Portfolio careers explained A portfolio career is one that is person-centered, not organization-centered. Gone...

A Look into the Future at the PMI Global Congress EMEA 2015

If you ever feel like you need a confidence boost and to recharge your project management batteries, then a conference is the way to do it. At the PMI EMEA Global Congress in London this month I met an IT project manager doing the same project as me but in Lithuania. It was reassuring to...

How to Stay Engaged at Work When Your Manager Isn’t

We recently received a question on a LiquidPlanner blog about how project managers can get their team members more engaged. This inquiry is from the team member’s point of view. “My project manager seems disengaged lately. How can I become more engaged to compensate for this change? I value my job and want to succeed—but...


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