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6 Ways to Create an Agile Organization

Agile practices are becoming more and more widespread. An increasing number of organizations are jumping on the bandwagon to enjoy the benefits of increased flexibility, quicker turn-around times and lower risk. But going from a rigid waterfall approach (or even an ad hoc reactive process) to something that is adaptable and collaborative can be challenging....

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How to Build Your Client’s Trust: 6 Ways to Create a Transformational Relationship

Here’s a sticky situation that many project managers have experienced: You’re managing a project that’s rife with misunderstandings and disagreements about scope and priorities. On top of that, your client seems disengaged and isn’t giving you the buy-in you needed to go forward.   This is a symptom of what I call a transactional customer...

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Building a Project Schedule the Best Case/Worst Case Way [The Liquid Approach: Part 2/6]

Building a project schedule should be easy, right? Just lay out the tasks, assign them, figure out how long they’ll take, and boom—you should have a completion date calculated in no time. But would you bet your salary on it? The truth is that figuring out how long things will take is at best an...

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