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Portfolio Careers: The Future of Work

There’s a subtle shift happening in the workplace. Actually, it’s not that subtle. I see it in my colleagues and my coaching clients. It has even happened to me. What am I talking about? Portfolio careers. It’s the future of work. Portfolio careers explained A portfolio career is one that is person-centered, not organization-centered. Gone...

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We Did It! LiquidPlanner Wins CODiE Award for Best Project Management Solution

We’re thrilled to announce that LiquidPlanner won the SIIA Software CODiE Award for Best Project Management Solution. It’s big news for a number of reasons, starting with the fact that this prestigious award honors leading products and services in the software and information industry, and the CODiE is the industry’s only peer-reviewed awards. In other...

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LiquidPLanner Is a CODiE 2015 Finalist for Best Project Management Solution and More

We love awards! Today we’re excited to announce that we’ve been named a finalist for three prestigious SiiA CODiE Awards! It’s an honor to be a finalist in the Best Project Management Solution, and this year we’ve also been selected as finalists in two more categories: Best Collaboration Solution and Best Social Business Solution. So...

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3 Reasons to Use Project Management Software as a Resource Planning Tool

Resource planning is a discipline within project management software that involves gathering the proper mix and quantity of resources required to complete a project. A resource can be anything from people to equipment, to materials, IT assets or funding. Think of it this way: If the project is a recipe, resource planning is the process...

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