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10 Project Management Dos

Project managers are working harder than ever before, even as we continue to have more knowledge, tools and technology available to us. The business world changes rapidly, competition increases, technology advances, and a project manager’s game is always changing. Here are 10 practices to focus on in order to hone your skills, deliver triumphant projects,...

How to Build Your Client’s Trust: 6 Ways to Create a Transformational Relationship

Here’s a sticky situation that many project managers have experienced: You’re managing a project that’s rife with misunderstandings and disagreements about scope and priorities. On top of that, your client seems disengaged and isn’t giving you the buy-in you needed to go forward.   This is a symptom of what I call a transactional customer...

Infographic: How Estimation Can Be Applied to Really Important Tasks–Like Holiday Dinner!

Turkeys—like some projects—are famous for not being done on time.  So this year, instead of having a bunch of hungry stragglers gather in your kitchen waiting for the bird to cook, try something else. Make ranged estimates of your dinner’s completion time. Estimating in best/worst case scenarios is one of our founding principles and differentiators...


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