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Is Working on the Weekend Good for Your Career?

Weekends are multi-purpose events. Depending on where you are in life, those two precious days present a variety of activities and opportunities. Most of us welcome weekends as a break from weekday project schedules and routines, and fill our time with family and friends, errands, house projects, sleeping in, couch surfing, exercising, dining—the list goes...

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How to Stop the Planning Fallacy From Disrupting Your Projects

This week I’m rushing to review a book chapter before sending it back to the editor. I have known about this deadline for months, and I am not the kind of person to leave the work to the last minute. The truth is, doing the review is taking far longer than I accounted for. It’s...

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10 Steps to Manage Your Budget When the Scope Changes

If your budget is the roadmap to completing the project, what happens when the destination changes? You assess where you are, and how you got there, then redo the budget to complete the journey. Managing resources is filled with surprises. Change orders in projects are the norm, not the exception, so the seasoned project manager...

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5 Tips to Get Organized for a Productive Fall

Ahh, September. Whether you’re sending kids back to school or just exchanging summer cotton for warm flannels, autumn is a great time to get organized, prepared and reinvigorated—at home and at work. On the work front, team projects always benefit from a fresh outlook and renewed enthusiasm. Project managers can take advantage of that great...

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Grab the Reins! 7 Things You Can Do Right Now to Create More Opportunity at Work

Webster’s dictionary defines opportunity as “a favorable juncture of circumstances and a good chance for advancement or progress.” There are steps you can take to maximize your abilities, taking your value to the project team—and career—to the next level. Best-selling author Shakti Gawain advises, “Create opportunities by asking for them.” The following seven tips will...

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6 Lessons on Being a Project Manager

I’ve been asked occasionally by friends and associates what it’s like to be a project manager, specifically in the software development game. People want to know whether it’s a good job, if I think being a PM is a good career path, etc. I love answering this, because project management is both a profession and...

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