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LiquidPlanner @Work Is Coming: Take a Peek and Get Your Team Ready

Get ready for LiquidPlanner’s new look! On Saturday, August 8, we’re rolling out one of our biggest updates ever: LiquidPlanner @Work. We’re super excited about this one, and want to tell you a bit about what’s to come and how to prepare your team so they can start realizing the benefits from Day 1. Prior...

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Old SaaS Meets New SaaS: Liz Pearce Interviews Steve Singh

Every year, the Northwest Entrepreneur Network (NWEN) hosts their annual 2013 Entrepreneur University, a full day conference designed to help guide aspiring Seattle-based entrepreneurs. To kick off the day, NWEN invited Liz Pearce, to interview Steve Singh, co-founder and CEO of Concur, the leading provider of expense management solutions and one of the world’s very...

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