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How to Manage Resources for Your Team

“I’m allocated at 125%,” my project lead sighed as he pointed to the column on the Gantt chart. The project lead was not alone: All of the other team members had similar percentages in the same column. At the time, resource allocation was just another undecipherable column on a Gantt chart for all of us....

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Case Study: Inbound Marketing Agency Streamlines Resource Management with LiquidPlanner

Every marketing professional services firm—whether it’s a web design firm, an advertising agency, or a PR consultancy—at one point encounters the same challenge: how do you accurately forecast future work without hiring unnecessarily or laying people off when business temporarily slows down? Christina Griggs is the CFO for Inflow a growing inbound marketing agency based...

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Video: LiquidPlanner Favorite Feature

We’ve been cruising around the LiquidPlanner offices, asking team members about their favorite LP feature. See what Program Manager Nick Smith depends on to manage his project schedule: Estimating in ranges is a LiquidPlanner differentiator, so we like to talk about it. Here are more benefits to estimating in ranges using best-case/worst case scenarios: Realistic schedules: Ranged estimates...

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See How Our Customer Knowmad Uses LiquidPlanner to Manage Projects [Video]

How do our customers use LiquidPlanner? Our friends over at Knowmad made this video to show how they get the most out of their project planning software using LP. In the video, Managing Partner William McKee tells us how his growing inbound marketing agency plans, manages, and audits the work that they do for their...

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LiquidPlanner Tip: Use Favorites as a Shortcut

Tip: Go to your most frequently-used project plan items ASAP by using Favorites. It’s the star icon at the top of your Project tab. Favorites takes you to the exact spot within your project schedule (package, folder or a combination of filters)—no more clicking through workspace items to get there. It’s easy: From your selected...

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The Little (Scheduling) Engine That Could

  I have vague memories of my mom reading The Little Engine That Could to me as a child. (Well, mostly just her voice repeating “I-think-I-can” over and over.) If you haven’t read the story, it’s about a small engine that succeeds in pulling a much larger train over a mountain, when none of the...

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LiquidPlanner Introduces Multi-Owner Events Feature

The LiquidPlanner Events feature has received a makeover! We’ve introduced you to Partial-Day Events, yesterday. But it gets better. You can also schedule an event for multiple owners. For those of you that have been scheduling events for your workspace members, you’re probably breathing a sigh of relief. Now, you won’t have to create the...

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LiquidPlanner Introduces Partial-Day Events

We’re excited to announce one of our newest features that many of our customers have been asking for—Partial-Day Events. It lets you schedule meetings in LiquidPlanner along with your project work. For many of you, attending meetings is a regular activity and it’s important to represent this time in your project schedule. Partial-Day Events makes...

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9 Steps to Plan and Manage a Schedule With Confidence

Are you confident in your project plan? Does your plan realistically forecast future dates or are you using “pick-a-date” task management? Is the plan up to date? Are you even following a plan? Project managers answer these questions with varying degrees of certainty. Some project schedules are built once and then left untouched on the...

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How to Create a Marketing Editorial Calendar Using LiquidPlanner

Many marketing teams and more specifically, those who have a set schedule of content that needs to be published at certain times, can appreciate the effectiveness of an editorial calendar. Excel sheets can get messy and I’m here to tell you – there’s a better way. Here’s how to set up your LiquidPlanner workspace to...

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