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11 Ways to Build the Strengths of Your Team Members

To lead a top-performing team, you need to do more than direct and delegate work. Truly effective managers can recognize the unique strengths of each team member and optimize all those natural gifts. If you’re in a leadership position, this might sound like a daunting task, but it’s not. The first step is to identify...

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13 Tips to Build Teamwork Skills

Are you indispensable to your team? When team collaboration succeeds at high levels, projects and businesses thrive. To be one of these top-performing team members, here are 13 tips to help build your teamwork skills. 13 Tips to Build Teamwork Skills from LiquidPlanner If you found this slideshare helpful, there are more ways to make...

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11 Lessons the World Cup Teaches Us About the Importance of Teamwork

Like a lot of the world, we’ve got World Cup fever here at LiquidPlanner. And while we’re rooting for a variety of teams, after yesterday’s game between Team USA and Portugal we’re wrestling with a mix of feelings from devastation to thrill. Still, whomever you might be shouting your lungs out for, there’s one thing...

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7 Signs of Strong Teamwork

There are 7 components to a powerful team.ow many does yours meet?...

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11 Books on Teamwork: How to Harness, Create and Be Part of a Powerful Team

  Teamwork matters. Most of us realize the immediate impact of being on a strong, cohesive and harmonious team. But how do you A) establish a powerhouse team; B) develop successful teamwork skills and C) turn a troubled team around? We rounded up a list of books for all types of roles and circumstances —...

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7 Ways to Get Your Team Members More Engaged – and Why It’s So Important

  Look at the team roster for your project. How many team members are fully engaged with their work? How many are just going through the motions? And how many are actively disengaged? These can be hard questions to face, but important ones to ask. If your team mirrors the U.S. workforce, three out of...

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