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9 Ways to Promote Transparency in a Non-Transparent Work Culture

Recently, reader Derek R. posed a challenge in his response to my blog post on Transparency at Work with this: “As a middle-manager, what can be done to promote transparency when your office culture doesn’t prioritize it?”   It’s tough for a mid-level manager to promote transparency in a non-transparent office culture. If you’re in...

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4 Benefits of a Transparent Work Environment

“Transparency” is a popular trend in business these days. It sounds great, but what does it really mean to cultivate an open working environment? And how do you put it into practice? Here, we look at why transparency matters and how to make it part of your team’s culture. 4 benefits of transparency 1. Increases...

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Infographic: The 5 Laws of Social Project Management

The social project management movement is attempting to improve classic project management to make projects more efficient, more effective and more fun for employees. Check out these five laws to social project management that we think are very important. Infographic: The 5 Laws of Social Project Management. An infographic by the team at LiquidPlanner Embed...

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