The DEMO deadline cometh

Bruce Henry | January 23, 2008

Our Office
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Our OfficeWell, here we are, less than a week away from our launch at DEMO. The nervous time is definitely hitting, hard. We’ve got our script written. We’ve got the product ready to roll. We’ve got all our travel arrangements made. Actually the DEMO conference team really made it easy for us to get our ducks in a row.

The thing that I think has been the hardest has been finding the time to rehearse our script. Charles and I have been running through it at our desks, which sit side by side so that’s easy. But that’s no substitute for actually doing it in front of an audience.

We thought about giving the 6 minute presentation to our advisors and the rest of the team, but the problem is that they’re really good at giving advice. We’re really afraid that meaning well they’d give us good criticism on what we should change. And being that there are several of them (along with developers and marketing folks) we’d come away feeling entirely inadequate. At this point I think having confidence is more valuable than getting a whole laundry list of “hey maybe you should…”

I’ll feel a lot better when the whole thing is behind us.

Of course then the real wild rumpus starts.

Because then real, honest to goodness, actual users will be hitting the site.